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About the Artist

Hilloree is a Vancouver born abstract artist. She has always felt a deep attachment to nature and draws much of her inspiration from its beauty. It is this which has drawn her to settle into her current home on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

Hilloree’s love of colour and movement is evident in her choice of fluid painting. She also expresses her whimsical nature through other art disciplines such as papier-mâché,  fabric sculpture,  and  wire  art.

Most days, if she isn’t in her little studio, or crocheting amigurumi toys for her grandchildren she can be found gathering pebbles for her pebble art from the local beaches. 

She especially enjoys creating “fantasmicomical” personalities in the form of her papier-mâché and fabric sculptured caricatures, each of which she names and cherishes, as she hopes you will too.

Currently On Display

Come down to  the Coastal  Art  Gallery  at  Trail  Bay   Mall  in  Seche,Ltd , BC, Canada and see a sampling of my art on display for sale ... or, look them up online at  You can also see them on IG & FB